Some definitions

NoCode and LowCode are two software development approaches that allow people with little or no coding experience to create applications, websites and automations.

NoCode platforms

They provide a visual interface where users can drag-and-drop elements to create an application without writing any code. These platforms often use pre-built templates and workflows, allowing users to quickly create applications without having to worry about the technical details. NoCode platforms are robust and mature and can now be scaled up.

LowCode platforms

On the other hand, they provide a more flexible environment where users can write code, but with an interface that abstracts much of the underlying complexity. LowCode platforms allow to create applications such as enterprise software or business process automation, that require custom logic and integrations.

According to the NoCode Summit organisers, while NoCode and LowCode platforms share the goal of simplifying software development, the main difference is the level of customization and control they offer.