NoCode Certifications & Trainings

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This section lists all certifications and/or trainings offered by the NoCode Summit sponsors. Certification and Training

Tools: Airtable, Bubble, Webflow, Make, Zapier, Notion, Glide, Adalo...

Their 15-month professionalization program is delivered in a hybrid format, with physical presence in Paris and distance learning, and is structured around 2 key phases: 3 months full-time + 12 months of work-study.

Ecole Cube Certification and Training

Tools: Webflow, Bubble, ChatGPT, Airtable, Make

Gain access to new career opportunities with their intensive NoCode & AI development training. Increase your skills with experienced and passionate professional trainers from the NoCode ecosystem in face-to-face or distance learning.

Bubble Training

Tool: Bubble

The Bubble Academy is your guide to building on Bubble. They cover everything you need to get started — from navigating the interface to expert features. For that they have a lot of resources: video lessons, coaching, a forum, interactive lessons etc...