NoCode Summit 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the NoCode Summit


About the event

What is the NoCode Summit?
The NoCode Summit is the world's biggest event dedicated to NoCode & LowCode technologies: customer testimonials on the most ambitious NoCode projects, workshops, use-cases, demonstrations, and dozens of stands! The year 2024 marks the 3rd edition which will take place at STATION F on October 16th and 17th.
Who is the organizer of the NoCode Summit?
The NoCode Summit is organized by the SFPN, a team of experienced professionals dedicated to promoting the NoCode movement and empowering individuals and businesses with NoCode tools. ‍

Come to the event

How do I participate for the NoCode Summit?
To participate for the NoCode Summit, simply click on this registration link.
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What is the cost to attend the NoCode Summit?
The NoCode Summit offers different pricing tiers, ranging from 0 to 215 euros VAT excluded.

The content of the event

What types of sessions will be available at the NoCode Summit?
The NoCode Summit will feature a variety of sessions about the risks and opportunities of NoCode for businesses; its impact on people and society and much more!
Will the sessions be recorded?
Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees after the conference.
How do I access the sessions during the NoCode Summit?
After getting your ticket, you will receive a link yo create an account and log in to the NoCode Summit platform. You will then be able to select the sessions you want to assist to.
Can I network with other attendees at the NoCode Summit?
Yes, the NoCode Summit provides multiple opportunities for attendees to network with each other. You will be able to organize meetings with other participants on D-Day thanks to the NoCode Summit platform, so make sure to have download the app and create your account!


How can I become a sponsor for the NoCode Summit?
To become a sponsor for the NoCode Summit, please contact our sponsorship team
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